Our Mission

The Republican National Hispanic Assembly of New Jersey supports individual rights, limited government and free enterprise. We believe every human being is endowed by God with inherent rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

We support a strict construction of the Bill of Rights as a defense against tyranny; the expansion of those rights to all voluntary consensual conduct under the Ninth and Tenth Amendments; and the requirements of equal protection and due process under the Fourteenth Amendment.

We support the Constitutional restrictions on federal government powers enumerated in Article I, Section 8 as an absolute limit on all government functions and programs.

We oppose the adoption of broad and vague powers under the guise of general welfare or interstate commerce. 


We oppose the adoption of broad and vague powers under the guise of general welfare or interstate commerce.

We oppose all restrictions on the voluntary and honest exchange of value in a free market. We favor minimal, equitable, and fair taxation for the essential functions of government. 

We oppose all legislation that concedes Congressional power to any regulatory agency, executive department, or international body. 

We support the Constitution as the supreme law of the land, the republican form of government it requires, and the right of all citizens to fair and equitable representation.

We believe these are also the proper positions of the Republican Party. 


Our Objective

The mission of the RNHA is to increase Hispanic-Americans participation in electoral politics at all levels as well as boost Hispanic-Americans membership in the Republican Party. Furthermore, the RNHA seeks to promote the philosophy and political ideology of the Party within the Hispanic-American community. Finally, the RNHA desires to create and sustain an association of Hispanic-Americans Republican leaders. To that end, a series of objectives- as posted on their official web site- were formulated:

  • To promote the core principles and values of Republicanism throughout the Hispanic-American community in the United States
  • To develop and maintain a strong, effective, and informed Republican Hispanic-American constituency throughout the country.
  • To recruit and encourage qualified, Hispanic-Americans, as registered Republicans, to seek office at all levels of government.
  • To ensure candidates who represent the true values of Republicanism are elected to office and continue to represent those values.
  • To adopt resolutions and policy positions on local, state, and national issues and to seek to implement these resolutions and policy positions through networks of the Republican Party and other appropriate means.
  • To promote and encourage civic participation.
  • To ensure the participation of citizens of Hispanic heritage in the American political process and all levels of the Republican Party.
  • To Make America Great Again
  • To Keep America Great

Our Values

The RNHA Firmly Stands for God, Family, and Country!


Our commitment to our communities is unwavering. Whether it is community assistance, helping our Veterans, Special Needs Families, or Senior Citizens. We are here to be part part of our COMMUNITIES!


We are firm believers that if you do not know what your rights are then how do you know when they are being taken away? We want to change that by offering our communities education about the United States Constitution and the Florida Constitution. It’s time for Civics 101!


Involvement is so important. We want to be that voice for the person that feel they have no voice. We want to be Representatives of our Communities and be able to help those we represent petition their government for grievances.