About Diana

Diana A. Jimenez

Diana was born and raised in Maspeth, Queens, New York. Diana grew up in a very traditional Colombian household where she was brought up to love her country of freedom which is America. Her father served in the Marines and fought in the Vietnam War. When Diana was growing up her father would bring her to the American Legion where she was exposed to positive influences who proudly served our country and who speak highly of American culture where their political ideologies were Republican Conservative. 

When Diana randomly joined the College Republicans Club in her community college because she wanted to know more about what exactly is the Republican party. After she joined the club she did her own research, started reaching out to her local GOP headquarters and started volunteering during her free time by door-knocking, making phone calls, and meeting local politicians. When she came out as a Conservative her hometown, friends from high school, few family members, neighbors, and everyone went against her because she thinks differently as a minority herself.

In 2018, Diana started going to Turning Point USA Events that are located all over the United States where she connected with other minorities who think the same as she does and can relate on how hard it is to be a Conservative while you are also a minority. Diana has connections all over the country and has made life-long friendships that she still contacts up to this day.